Northrop Rice Foundation is a 501(c)(3) entity

The foundation provides financial and equipment support to those seeking a career in the aviation maintenance field. Through its history, the foundation has been successful because of the support provided to the foundation by individuals, schools, corporations and airlines interested in ensuring a well-qualified aviation mechanic workforce.  Through this process, all are helping to ensure safety on the ground and in the air. 

All of us desire aircraft operational safety.  We hope you see that our programs are important, and that you will join all our supporters by donating finances and/or aircraft maintenance tools to aid us meet our goals.  There are two categories of support:

  • If you are willing to support our efforts financially, please use this  “Financial Support Form” hotlink to obtain the form; or
  • If you are willing to support our efforts to redistribute aircraft maintenance tools to new FAA-certified AMTs, please use this “Tools Donation Form” hotlink to notify us of your willingness to consider donating tools.
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