Foundation History

Northrop Rice Foundation was established in 1994 to honor the aviation maintenance training history of Jim and Alice Rice.  Learn more about the significant aviation maintenance education contributions made by Jim and Alice Rice using the hotlinks below:

The Foundation’s focus has been to assist individuals with a desire to become part of the next-generation Aircraft Maintenance Technician   (AMT) workforce. 

During this time, we provided AMT school scholarships, textbook sets, training equipment awards, vocational and vendor training scholarships, and aircraft maintenance tool sets to AMT students, instructors and schools.  Over the years, we distributed close to a million dollars’ worth of these items.  In 2019 our recognition program distributed 45 items with a total value of $53,975.  These recognitions were made from items (textbook sets, tool sets, training equipment, etc.) and cash donated to the foundation

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