Northrop Rice Foundation Veteran Scholarship Application Process


There are three ways to obtain experience needed to test for an A&P license:

  • Armed services training and experience in aircraft maintenance;
  • Training at, and graduation from, an FAA-approved Part 147 school; and
  • On-the-job training and experience at a FAA Repair Station or FBO.

The Northrop Rice Foundation Veteran Scholarships are available—as a first priority—to veterans seeking to use experience gained while in the armed services, and—as a second priority—to veterans enrolled in an FAA-approved Part 147 school.

Applicants in the first category above (veterans with sufficient armed service aircraft maintenance experience desiring to take airframe, powerplant or both tests after independent study) should follow the instructions below.  Applicants in the second category above (veterans enrolled in a FAA-approved Part 147 school) should follow the material and instructions at Student Application Process.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The applicant must be an honorably discharged veteran with aircraft maintenance experience.


An application package for this award must include:

  1. A fully completed application form … form available at Veteran Application Form;
  2. Evidence of honorable discharge (Form DD214);
  3. Two (2) letters of recommendation written by individuals who know the applicant well [one should be from a previous military supervisor]; and
  4. An essay describing the applicant’s U.S. Armed Forces Branch, last rank, and dates of service together with responses to the following questions:
    • What aircraft and equipment did the applicant work on?
    • What were the applicant’s duties in aviation maintenance during enlistment?
    • What FAA written examinations will be taken?
    • What has been done to prepare for the FAA written examinations?

Application Process

  • Application packages must include all the items defined above in the “Applications” section. Application packages with missing items will not be considered.
  • Applications must be submitted as one complete PDF file attached to an email message. Be sure to include all application items in the single PDF attachment.
  • The electronically submitted e-mail subject line and the PDF attachment must contain the applicant’s name. Examples:
    • E-mail subject: T. Jones NRF Application Package
    • PDF attachment: T. Jones Application Package
  • The email with single attached file is to be sent directly from the applicant’s personal e-mail address to
  • Applications on file January 31, 2019 will be considered for the available scholarships and awards.

Award Notifications and Ceremony

The applicants selected for the scholarship will be announced at the Awards Luncheon
held during the Aviation Technician Education Council’s (ATEC) 2019 Annual Conference. The scholarship winner will be notified by e-mail in early March 2019

Click Here for Veteran Application Form