School Application Process

Eligibility Requirements

  • The applicant must be a FAA-certificated Part 147 School;
  • The FAA-certificated Part 147 School must be a 2019 member of the Northrop Rice Foundation; and
  • The school must agree to comply with use requirements defined by the equipment donor.


An application package for this award must include:

  1. A fully completed application form … form available at School Application Form; and
  2. A description of how the school addresses the following:
    • Does the school have an Advisory Committee and, if so, how is it structured and how does it function?
    • Do students have an opportunity to participate in the development of curriculum?
    • Does the school have a program to review and update curriculum to meet new technology requirements and, if so, how does it work?
    • Describe how the school would use the donated equipment.

Application Process

  • Applications must be submitted in one PDF file, with the school’s name included in the file title, to
  • Applications on file January 31, 2019 will be considered for the scholarship.
    Award Notifications and Ceremony

Award Notification and Ceremony

The applicants selected for the scholarship will be announced at the Awards Luncheon held during the Aviation Technician Education Council’s (ATEC) 2019 Annual Conference. The scholarship winner will be notified by e-mail in early March 2019

Click Here for School Application Form