2019 Available School Equipment and Financial Awards

Equipment and financial awards will be awarded in 2019 by three very generous aviation-related firms. The available equipment and financial awards are described below through a process administered by the Northrop Rice Foundation, and the award recipients are selected by the NRF Board of Directors. A school may not apply for an award previously won by the school. The application process requirements are at School Application Process.

NIDA CORPORATION Training Equipment Award

Nida Corporation annually donates Aviation Maintenance Training System that is awarded to a FAA-certificated Part 147 School. The training system includes a Model 130E Trainer, a Model 1438G Fundamentals of Aviation Maintenance Technology Program, a Model 1438P Aircraft Electrical Program with experiment card set, and a Basic ten (10) Student Software License that includes a Learning Management System and Student Monitoring System. The award includes a one-year software support warranty and a 5-year hardware warranty. The value of this award is $12,280.

UNITED AIRLINES AMT School Assistance Award

United Airlines is donating fifteen-hundred dollars ($1,500) to the Northrop Rice Foundation. The contribution will be used to fund the United Airlines AMT School Assistance Award. This financial award may be used by the FAR Part 147 school for any purpose the supports or promotes the school’s ability to improve its AMT training program.


Rotorcraft Enterprises, LLC annually donates a model 53050/12V or 53025/24V Start Pac continuous DC portable power supply to a FAA-certificated Part 147 AMT School each year, the model being selected by the school. Both models operate on 110/220 volts, 7 amps. The output of the 53050/12V is 50 amps @ 14.2 volts, the output of the 53025/24V is 25 amps @ 28.5volts, and each is designed to power up appropriate aircraft systems. If overloaded, both models will trip off and reset itself after a short period of time. The value of the Start Pac power supply selected by the school (53050/12V or 53025/24V) is $560.