Northrop Rice Foundation has two goals:

  • Enhance the role and status of Aviation Maintenance and Avionics Technicians; and
  • Ensure that an adequate supply of qualified Aviation Maintenance and Avionics Technicians will be available to meet future industry needs.

One of the activities undertaken to help meet the second goal is to promote donations to the Foundation by aviation organizations to support the Foundation’s efforts to:

  • Assist young people and veterans who are about to enter the civilian aviation industry;
  • Encourage AMT instructors to obtain upgrade training;
  • Assist FAA-certificated Part 147 Schools implement high-quality instruction programs; and
  • Assist FAA-certificated Part 147 Schools obtain training equipment. 

The donations currently available to the Foundation provide for the annual distribution of over forty-five (45) recognitions consisting of:

  • Financial awards and scholarships; and
  • Equipment and book awards.

If you are an AMT or Avionics student, AMT instructor, FAA-certificated Part 147 School, or veteran, you may qualify for one of these annual recognitions.  Check out the available awards and scholarships—and their requirements and application process—above.